A Hike in Life

February 20, 2017

Achieving a new goal is like a long hike
Throughout the course inevitable emotions reside,
Depending on the step in the journey
They are usually as follows…

Confident with the course
Pleased with the progress
Satisfied with ensuring signs
Skeptical with surplus setbacks
Uncertain with an itching urge
Irritated with impatience 
Furious with frustration
Despaired with difficulty
Fatigued with anticipated failure
Alarmed with the approaching end

...Drenched with delight
Ecstatic with exhilaration
Marveled with mastery

Though some truly tedious, each step is unquestionably necessary
To test your character, your drive, or any extent to your ambition
But a valid question lingers
And the choice is yours exclusively
Will you stay the course?

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