Your Struggle Makes You, You!

February 20, 2017

Let’s face it, let’s make it abundantly clear,
Not everyone wakes up every day feeling blessed to be here.
Nor can everyone be thin, pretty, or smart,
every person now at the top had to find their start.
Society has a grand standard it tries to hold us to,
But no matter your size, or class just be the best you.
People will always spread lies, and try to break your spirit,
It’s your choice to let it weigh on you, your choice to adhere it.
Listen close, because I promise this to be true,
People will always put you down when you’re being the best you.
They will see your happiness and believe it to be a threat,
Your job is to keep your chin up, you’ll make it don’t fret.
Everyone struggles in their own little way,
But it’s you who has the choice to overcome a struggle today.
So, whether your struggle is being too poor, too big, or too small,
Remember everyone who walks now started out with a crawl.

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