A Love Letter Written In The Dark

February 18, 2017
By overthinker BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
overthinker BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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You want to save me? You know I’m crazy
I see the way you wince when your tongue runs over
The little scars on the inside of my mouth
But you’ll never know they’re there
Because it's the only way I can stop thinking of you

I’m hypnotized by the way you check things off the grocery list
And paralyzed whenever you blow me a goodnight kiss.
I’ve memorized the way your fingers curl when you make a fist
And realized you always do that when you’re pissed

(I always seem to be around when you’re pissed.)

Please run away. I knew you’d never stay.
That’s why I’m memorizing the exact degree of your jawline
So even when you’re no longer by my side
I’ll have the remnants of your love in my mind

I’m devouring your every thought, emotion and smell
Until I can tell what toppings you put on your salad last night
From how deep your dimples are when you smile

(You don’t seem to smile a lot anymore.)

I stole your heart and kept it until you could love me on your own
But you never did.

So take your heart back as a parting gift, you’re free
I just hope you know
Our love was the only thing I had to live for.

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