Winter Wonderland

February 18, 2017
By kcinthehouse GOLD, Lincolnshire, Illinois
kcinthehouse GOLD, Lincolnshire, Illinois
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Throwing back my curtains, the snow greeted me, packed up against the window. Excitement flooded through me as I buttoned up in my coat and shoved my feet into my boots. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I flung the door open. The wind quickly greeted me with its cool air and then blew past me in a haste to greet everyone else. I started walking down the sidewalk, meeting the elated faces of my neighbors. As I walked down the sidewalk, I soaked in the rays of sun peeking out from behind the clouds.
Soon, I arrived at a small clearing, awestruck at what laid before me. The sun plays hide-and-seek the earth as it hides behind the clouds. Meanwhile, the ground stays tucked away under a white, delicate blanket of snow.  The wind swirled all around, singing a happy tune. Around me, the trees swayed to the song. Taking a closer look, I could see the trees, tall and confident, decorated with specks of glittering white. They bend and shield, almost as if to include me in the game of hide-and-seek. Suddenly, small flurries of snowflakes start to drift toward the ground. I could not look away, almost as if the snowflakes had placed me in a trance. They danced and twirled around me in the sky with elegance and grace. I saw one of them twirl around me until it landed on my nose.
Smiling to myself, I continued to walk around, until I came to a small hill at the edge of the clearing. There, I noticed two children playing around in the snow, leaving small boot prints in the once completely white snow. Their giggling reaches my ears, and it sounds like the music of tiny ringing bells. I wave at them as they come down the hill, and they wave back.An hour later, I walked back toward my house, with a pep in my step. It truly was a beautiful day.

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