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February 18, 2017
By PossiblyMaybeMe SILVER, Sacramento, California
PossiblyMaybeMe SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Once I was young, full of life
But then reality cut through my skin like a knife
I was kind to all
And that was my downfall
Because kindness makes no difference
And I can make the inference
That only the pretty girls are loved by all
And I am a lonely basketball
Rolling astray
Wobbling away

Once I cared about those around me
But then my empathy started to flee
When these people pushed around those different from them
When these people thought everyone else was dumb
I tried to be understanding
But now I’m crash-landing
“Nice guys always finish last”
And now I have been outcast
Walking astray
Wandering away

Once I didn’t care what others thought of me
But then I realized that I would much rather be
Someone who was not constantly judged
Someone whose identity was not smudged
By those who take pride in destroying others
We are in this world together, as sisters and brothers
But instead we focus on our differences
Just making inferences
But, this doesn’t concern me
Because I have already decided to flee
Running astray
Face turned away

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