February 12, 2017

As the afternoon sun fades towards black,
Press yourself forward and don’t look back.
The city-streets are lined with gold tonight—
They urge you to feel cold wind against your face
And breathe deeply into this summer air.
Feel the reassurance of my hand and realize that moments like this only occur a few times.
Appreciate what we have and know I hope it never dies.
We will not sleep, tonight.
Oh yes! Breathe deeply!
We only have so much time,
Before the sun returns in its glory—
This has been written about through all eras of time.
Breathe deeply! Remember what it feels like to be young and beautiful,
How amazing it is to be alive.
Of course I know you haven’t forgotten that with the randomness of a world like this we may only have tonight.
So breathe deeply! And come to understand that when I do take you hand it is a promise of things to come and a reassurance that what is in the past is done.
Rejoice in the spirit of the streets; see the stars like a painting above you.
It is in these moments that we perhaps should be dreaming,
But is this not our dreams coming true!
Breathe deeply and take from me what I can give to you; which, if you haven’t figured out already, is whatever you may need.
I have said it before: I am much obliged.
We will not sleep, tonight.

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