Bodies on Water

February 12, 2017
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Bodies on water what's the definition
Of bodies on water .. I'm here to explain
The many devastated problems

Visualize the ocean and let it define our world
Many countries , many different Cities , and
The continents we share. Each problem has its
Own consequences that's another body added
Onto it.

One little problem that grew bigger and bigger
From the blogs to the ignorance. And yet
We still sacrifice our lives with a daily silent
Cry , who will be next why is this such a prominent mess
Will the pigment of my skin destroy the rest.

Let that be another body floating on water.

Can't even wake up without feeling the same
Can't even wake up and not feel the pain, I
Picture myself thinking about our future
What will the youth see as their growing and growing
All these problems has my mind flowing
The only thing that comes to mind is

Another body floating on water .

What do they see, a disrupted world that has no cure
Look out the window and what do we all see
Negative activity , wrong doing wrong
Died down the positivity , school drop outs
Not wanting to continue , let alone homelessness is
A big issue. There should never be evil in the eyes
But instead our true identity is hidden in disguise

But it's just , another body floating on water

Just by helping somethings or someone out we get looked upon
As if it's not human like or even natural. We have bigger issues to
Face let's open our eyes and fix the disgrace , soon before we know
As soon as we close our eyes all we can say is that we tried. But
Trying isn't enough when we all have it within ourselves. We
Give out brilliant of speeches , talented motivated speakers
But are we actually doing what we preached.

Another body floating on water.

Next thing you know our ocean will be the problem ,
There won't be the world to solve it , let it all sink in because
It's problem after problem without a resolution , if we actually
Seen a ocean with real bodies in water what would you do?
Our first reaction and extinct will be how can someone do this ,
It isn't right , what a devilish crime not a clue why.

Another body floating on water .

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