Morning Kisses

February 12, 2017
By bellaconnolly99 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
bellaconnolly99 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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a gentle prod,

against my cheek.

begging for attention

for my affection.


filtered, sunny beams

collecting in puddles

on the floor.

lips on mine.


warmth and gold.

pure white duvet,

cloudy sheets covering

you and I.


sleepy, husky words

against my ear.

gentle murmurs echoing

down my spine.


a happy thrill,

with gentle words

and rough hands

on soft hips.


a smile born

with moonbeams clouding

already hazy vision.

held by you.


kisses feather light

pressed to palms

and lips and

anywhere they fall.


a triumphant declaration,

told to sheets

and mourning doves

and open windows.

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