Heart Like Yours

February 12, 2017

My lungs
sing in pain,
my heart beats rapidly.
Aching to love, to be,
a heart like yours.
Your eyes speak,
such volumes.
In you,
in your soul.
In everything you were.
In a heart like yours.
I lose myself
in you.
In the
lazy, easy way
the sun kisses you.
Sandy freckles against warm skin,
under dark, riptide curls,
raging and rolling,
an ocean.
My heart,
aching and drumming.
Unaccustomed to racing at
simplistic, trivial things. Things like
eyes that hold nebulas
and lush forests
in monsoons.
In oceans
of blue irises
and green island flecks.
Your smile an anchored point,
teeth white as shells.
You were oceanic.
And me?

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