Raw Cacao Syllables

February 12, 2017
By Esykim98 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
Esykim98 SILVER, Potomac, Maryland
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We strive to paint a new identity onto our face.

We strive to bear curves that shield shame.

We strive to strut down hallways in twig-bodies.

We indulge on flawless because 

We think that praising raw cacao syllables

Will change us to who we want to be.

Skinny and tall,

Bewitching and bare,

Curvy and colorless.

We're too consumed by magazine photos 

To realize the aftertaste of what we thought was chocolate.

We inhale the media's adoration for these




And convince ourselves that we are what they are and they are


They say beauty is hidden within.

How ironic that is.

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