Forgiving Fate

February 12, 2017
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Agony gnaws at the stomach as the churning,
Gray waters concoct with the navy,
Swirling endlessly among that gentle
Silky lining sheets above.


Bitter. Yet the charming scent of misty
Cedar and birch led me towards the mirage
Laden with crystal clear tide and innocent
Sands, pure and forgiving.


Trepidation soared at every turn, even the
Hurricane was disguised under the sheets
Of a mesmerizing melody played softly,
Sincerely so sailors could surface.


The pilgrimage was vague. Mindlessness with
Uncertainty fueled a corrupted mind seeking for
Answers from a beautiful, precious
Landscape among the waters.


Neglected, the sun had hid and let her minions
Take over Earth, and every night, the moon
Scoffed and torn the strongest men apart
To prey on the vulnerable and exposed.


Dawn nor dusk can be foreseen, and
Controlling her grace, preposterous.
Fate hangs over the world like the sun,
Impenetrable by man’s sins.


Unknown should not be feared or dreaded
And send guilt and doubt;
It’s unpredictable nature makes the
Courageous cower and the collective crazy.


We are all the tide controlled by a sinister,
Malicious moon like a marionette.
A phoenix may turn to ash, but death
Springs new life to one’s eyes.

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