Welcome to Winter

February 12, 2017

The whipped cream
dissolves into
the hot chocolate,
like the
falling crystals of snowflakes
sinking into the growing pile of
glittering white on the ground.
that were all wrapped in a festive print,
sat piled under the fresh pine tree.
The shimmering reflection of
the colored string lights dance in the gloss of
ornaments hung on the festive greenery.
A rush of
joy and
fill your soul with warm feelings.
Or that might just be the hot chocolate.
A cozy blanket swallows you,
protecting against the cold winter air.
A picture-perfect scene.
The opening clip of a movie,
cheery holiday music playing and all.
You wish this morning could stay,
like a permanent world in a snow globe.
For a moment,
everything is calm.
Peace and Bliss.
All worries fade away,
along with the wind,
taken by the breeze.
Nothing but
peace and calm and
cookies and fresh trees and
festive music and love.
What a nice welcome to winter.

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