Dear Christ

February 11, 2017
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To all of God’s children

Dear Christ,


Where have you been?

Where did you go??

Why have you left them all alone?

Why have you abandoned them?




Why do you permit temptation?

Why do you permit pain?

Why do you permit suffering?

Why did you choose them to endure this suffering?



How could you?

How could you make them endure this?

How could you choose them to go through this?

How could you choose them?




Who are you?

Who do you think you are?

Who are you to say that they are your child?

Who are you to tell them what to do?




I’ll tell you who I think you are.

I think you are a phony.

I think you are just using them like a pig to slaughter.

I think you are fake.


I think…


I know who you really are.

I know you don’t really care about them.

I know you are egotistical.

I know you are narcissistic.


I know…


But let me ask you one more time..


Why have YOU abandoned them?

They need you!

They crave you!

They need you here physically!


But now…


They can’t have you.

They can’t touch you.

They can’t see you.

And I am pleased.



Dear Death,


I- Where have I been? Well, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to write back to you, I have been finishing a job that I had to do. Why have I left you?! I haven’t gone anywhere. I have always been here. I have never and will never leave. For I am there in spirit.


II- I do not permit sin, temptation and suffering. YOU permit that. Why would I permit something that I am against. You know that very well… And I don’t choose anyone to endure the pain. You were the nasty serpent in the garden that day where YOU tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. For it was you who created sin. But now that I am back, I have rejected sin. I have overcome you. I have put you down back in the dirt where you belong. This is my church, my world and my creation.


III- How could I? How could I what? For it was not me made them endure this. You created sin. I created beauty. I created people and have always said that they are “very good”.


IV- Who am I? Who do I think I am? I am the one true living God. I am the sword in your side death. I am the eternal bread. I am the father, the son and the holy spirit. I am. They are my children because I am their father in heaven. I don’t tell them what to do; I guide them. For they are my sheep and I am their shepherd. I know them and they follow me. Alleluia!


V- You say that you “think I am…” and that you “know that I am…”. Well I am here to tell you something death. I am the creator who fashioned his great works beautifully. I am the father to every prodigal son. I am the one to greet all humans of every community because I fashioned them with great love. I am the father to all. I am. Hosanna! I am here for all! I have not left! I may not be there physically but I am there in spirit. I am grace. I am faith. I am hope. I am shelter. I am safety. I am peace. I am love.


So in case your still wondering who I am. I’ll tell you who. I AM.



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