Did you hear?

February 11, 2017
By CBWeisse BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
CBWeisse BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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Did you hear about that night?
The girl was home alone
And she was given a fright.
She was only a child not yet grown.

Did you hear about that day?
When all of the evil swept the streets.
Every market along the way
Was destroyed including their cabbage, corn and beets.

Did you hear about that boy?
He was all dressed in white.
He came up the street holding his toy
And then screamed giving me a fright.

Did you hear about that girl?
She was dressed in black.
She was at a funeral parlor and was dancing with a twirl
And then, she looked back.

Did you hear about that man?
He lost his job.
The guy had a family and a dog named Dan
And he continued to sob.

Did you hear about that woman?
She lost her house.
She was left on the streets with a can
As she slept with a mouse.

Did you hear about the nana?
She was diagnosed with a brain disease.
The disease run in her family including her sister Hannah
Who always pointed things and said, “What are these”?

Did you hear about the papa?
He the one with the brain disease; his wife.
So the papa drank more and more vodka
And took out the knife.

Did you hear?

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