No More

February 11, 2017
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Here I am waiting for death,
I lay in the hospital bed wishing and praying the reaper will come.
He has made me wait and try so hard.
Why won't he let me die?

Tried I have,
Mixing medications, overdosing
Crashing, shooting.
Anyways to kill, I've done.

But every time something brings me back.  
My mother or father,
A friend or lover,
doctor or nurse.

Why is it so hard to die?
Why won’t my family let me face my end?

Here I sit with death hanging over me,
I lay in the hospital bed and see you and you're worried face.
You talking to the doctor, you look upset.

I smile because I know,
He has finally come for me.

Goodbye mother and father,
My friends and lovers,
The doctors and nurses.

No more mixing my meds or overdosing,
No more hanging or falling,
No more crashing or shooting.

Now I can finally stop,
Because this is my end. 

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