The Dark

February 11, 2017
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Today I will try again, I cry aloud
As I pick up my weapon
Screaming out, I make my move, lunging forward
Toward the darkness that resides in shadow laden corners
I swing my sword,
hoping to cut

But no contact does my blade make
It cannot sever the onyx,
It cannot harm it
The Dark, is the color of Midnight
Iron chains
Dull Pains
And it feeds off my despair


It is my creation,
I formed the Dark
In hopes that I would be comforted
By the dark feelings and actions it brought
For a small while, it did soothe my wounds,
It gave me control, with the destruction it wrought


But little did I know,
The reins I held, and with which I controlled it,
Where nothing but pale misty illusion
But still, I rage against it
In this tired battle.
My sword of words heavy,
Trying my strength
And testing my fear.
For one day, I may win
And bring blinding light
Into the Dark

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