February 10, 2017

Beyond those ragged clothes,
Behind the smell of mortality.

Skin is like ice on a warm body,
Fire runs through veins,
Blood stays cold,
Leaving the heart to be black.

The heart shows people
What you do,
Leave copper lingering in mouths.

Waves crash on shores,
Leaving behind water,
The world rumbles,
Loosening keys to your past,
Never what is to come.

Life is everything but a dream,
It flashes before your eyes,
Your heart,
Never what you imagine.

When you are
Torn to pieces
Fingers will put you together
Until it is over.

When the voices
Whisper, shout, whine
You rise
Above them.

Life is not something
You waste
When it
Gets difficult. 

Life is full of ups and downs
A gun pointed at a head, a knife stuck in a wrist,
Many possibilities of it ends

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