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February 8, 2017
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Dear beautiful dark skinned soul,
You once tried to bleach your skin,
Even tried to use lighting soaps,
Because you thought light skin was the way to be,
Painting that picture in your head,
Saying light skin is more attractive,
You once became your own bully,
Because you are feeding yourself,
Negative thoughts about the skin you're in,
You tell yourself,
“I am not pretty”,
“He will never want me I am simply to dark”,
You have failed to realize you are your own bully,
You let other people bully you,
Because of the shade of your skin,
So that makes you feel unpretty,
Worthless like the number zero,
Dear dark skinned soul,
You have the beautiful glistening melanin,
That pops like a sexy hershey syrup on an ice cream sundae,
Your melanin is one of kind,
Others have to go get a spray tan,
But you don't,
So do not ever question the shade of your skin,
Dear dark skinned soul,
We are all beautiful light,brown, and dark,
The color or shade of our skin should not determine,
Our beauty or how attractive we are,
Others may say light skinned females over powers dark skinned females,
But guess what no shade nor race,
Will ever make this dark skinned soul feel unwanted,
Unpretty,unattractive,or worthless,
If God wanted me to be light skin I would have been,
But he gave me this beautiful chocolate skin,
Made with beautiful cocoa,
I am an African princess with the melanin,
Of a beautiful Queen that is Goddess,
So to my beautiful,
Dark skinned soul,
You are never a mistake,
You are very beautiful,
You never have to ask yourself if you are good enough,
Because babygirl you are beautiful like a Goddess,
A Queen of African descendents.

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