Sleeping Angel

February 8, 2017
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As she opens her big beautiful hazel eyes,
She notices all her blemishes and flaws,
As she looks on to the table,
She notices once again the pink gold roses,
This time she see’s  flowers and it was not her anniversary,
He pushed her into that hard wall,
She see’s  flowers and it is not welcoming a new child into this world,
He called her names while she was giving birth to his child,
As she opens her eyes they are swollen and hurting very badly,
As she opens her eyes she realizes she is no longer a beauty queen,
The next day she receives flowers it was not because she was going to her wedding,
He whipped her until he could not see her move,
Nor hear her beautiful voice,
As he gets up he is crying begging for her to come back,
Her mother gets a phone call from him saying,
“I am so sorry I killed your daughter”,
Today she receives flowers it was not her birthday,
Today her mother released twenty two doves,
Into the sky in honor of her daughter,
Because today she was buried and finally put to rest.

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