When a man loves a women

February 8, 2017
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When a man idolizes his woman,

His eyes are only on her,
Everytime he lays his eyes on her he look at her as if he saw her for the first time again,
As he gazes into her beautiful eyes she is all he sees,
When a man idolizes his woman,
She is the air that he breathes,
She tethers his soul like the stars in the galaxies,
When a man idolizes his woman,
He commits to her,
And is not ashamed of who he loves,
When a man idolizes his woman,
He takes his time to rebuild a broken heart,
Rebuilding her broken heart because it once was lying in a pool of blood,
From all the traumatic pain she once encountered,
One day his eyes wandered off of her,
The day this man eyes wandered,
He became her mistake of yesterday,
Became her mistake because he committed adultery with another woman,
The day this woman stopped loving her man,
His nights became lonely and melancholy,
He once had a women who adored him,
A woman who was truthful to him,
A woman who vowed to never hurt nor cheat,
Yet he took her for granted and was untrue to her,
Since he had eyes for someone else,
She is too busy loving someone else.

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