Johnny Dame

February 8, 2017
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Johnny Dame the man married with three kids
Could never get past his demons
Just another man with a rough past that couldn’t be overlooked
He always felt like he was hooked
Can’t get away from the life
It got so bad he had to carry a knife
He can’t pay his rent
He has so many problems his kids can’t even go to him to vent
He’s so far in the hole
He wishes life was like poker so he could just fold
The dice were rolling others went bowling
Money traded hands quicker than a bullet leaving a gun
Seven or eleven was all that needed to land
If he doesn’t hit this it’s all over
6 feet in the ground
He’ll never be found
All for a set of dice
That will never suffice for the pain he has
He’ll never have fame
All for some game
People will wonder whatever happened to Johnny Dame


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