February 8, 2017
By brittanyklein81299 BRONZE, Chester, Massachusetts
brittanyklein81299 BRONZE, Chester, Massachusetts
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A whistle and a catcall
As I walk along the road
“Ignore it,” I thought
Wrong answer.
I didn't hear him run up
Or see him reach around me
Next thing
I was down
Focusing on my heartbeat
The fact that it was there
Thump thump…
Thump… Thump…
I was gone

Cold pavement
The first thing I feel
My eyes stay shut
Afraid of knowing
How long had it been?
Where am I?
I can still see lights
Hear cars
He's gone
Only thought
I was safe

The author's comments:

Given that some very unfortunate events happened to me over the recent summer, I was driven to write this piece about what had happened. It helped give me a minor release from some of the feelings I had been experiencing while writing this piece.

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