My Life

February 8, 2017
By DaveIsFun BRONZE, South Plainfeild, New Jersey
DaveIsFun BRONZE, South Plainfeild, New Jersey
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My Life

My life sucks
I can't get a job so I'm out of bucks
My forehead is large
It tells my hairline who's in charge
I'm not very smart
It's something that I take to heart
No one knows
My anger lurks in the shadows
I can't keep it in
It makes me want to swing at someone's chin
It is true that I suck
It’s cause I always seem to run out of luck
My hearing is non existent
I need a personal assistant
My life is a mess
A mind I do not possess
I have the IQ of a cheeseburger deluxe
My life sucks

The author's comments:

This is sometimes how I feel about my life

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