if my heart had wings

February 8, 2017

If my heart had wings
If my heart had wings
I’d fly away with you
I’d show you all the affection that I could
I’d sow the clouds together to stop all the rain
I would show you the world
I would last through all the rain

But now this constant downfall

It's becoming too much

I look to you for help
Only to see you flying higher
I’m falling
Please help me
As i feel the wind in the sky cut through me
Like a million razor blades
Every step we took
Every flap of my wings

They are what had brought you there
And now

You let the sky consume my wings
All the fang-hearted people on the ground
Now I fall back to them
We flew to the sky
To escape the fangs of leviathans
I prepare myself for the hard ground
Only to be caught on fangs
When the constant torment stopped
I lie bloody on the ground
Unable to stand up
I crawl forward
A trail of blood following me

It's over
When my heart had wings
I flew as far as I could
I tried my best for you
But now my heart is molting
You broke my wings
And now I am stuck on the ground

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