My home

February 2, 2017

My house smells like dog
Maybe because we have one and she sleeps there.
My dad is an engineer helping Argon laboratories, while my mom helps kids cross streets and embarrass my brother.
We meet in the living to live others lives,
Or camp out like we are in the forest.
People meet in the circle calculating crazy activities.
To my cousin calling men evil,
To the 9 year old calling her a dummy.
To 10p.m. saturday night being taken away by youtube.
From the nobody special coming from our tiny town
To what’s up bro coming out of our mouths more than
To the fear of Danny with a fart so bad he could wipe out
A nation
To the hopes that we are the next Kobe's or Bill Gates. 
That is the dohoney home in Elmwood Park.

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