Pretty Girl

February 1, 2017
By galingo BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
galingo BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Pretty Girl
Pretty girl, why won’t you put down the pills and razors?
Life is just as good as you are, though it gets tough sometimes
Pretty girl, you tell us that it’s been an addiction since you were nine
But how can you crave that pain and blood from such a young age?
Pretty girl, please put on a smile and lock up those pills
There is too much beauty in the world to just give up now
Pretty girl, please stop your crying, listen to your friends and stop with the self-hatred
Who cares what they say about you, their opinion is worthless in everyone else’s eyes
Pretty girl, we weren’t prepared to hear that you were in the hospital
The news came during 2nd period, we were called out of the room quietly
Pretty girl, the man said you were unconscious and were being closely monitored
Your best friend had an anxiety attack, and the other one fainted
Pretty girl, do you really understand what you mean to all of your friends?
Nothing seems right without you here, and all we can focus on is your well-being
Pretty girl, we can’t go to the hospital just yet, they said wait till she wakes up
We get that feeling that you get on a free fall, we can’t catch our stomachs and feel sick
Pretty girl, you need to let us know how you are, a sign or text will do us great wonders
Oh no, pretty girl, they told us you took too much and cut too far down
Pretty girl, we stand side-by-side at your wooden bed, biting back tears
We don’t know how to react, looking down at your cold life-less body
Pretty girl, how peaceful you look, so soft and silent, you would’ve hated it
It’s so different from your usual masquerade of black jeans and hoodies
Pretty girl, why didn’t you tell us, we would’ve done just about anything for you
We’re overrun with guilt because we should’ve seen your distress and cries for help
Pretty girl you don’t look so pretty anymore
Rotting now in the Earth’s core

The author's comments:

I wrote this in honor of my friend who struggled for years with self harm. 

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