Just Friends

February 1, 2017
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When your friend asked you
F***, Marry, Kill at lunch
you chose to F*** me
And maybe that’s because no one
ever marries just the body

I am the smooth indent
Between hips and ribs
Grand expanses of
Smooth exposed skin
Bikini ties like present ribbon

You insist you saw my eyes
First, not my waist but
You are more familiar
with the taste of my tongue
Than the sound of my voice

You seem to like it that way
My stories wander aimless
But your kisses do not
Both hands in back pockets
And skimming hair knots
Skiing side slopes slow

I knew deep down
Below the giggles
Every time you pushed me
into the sparkling pool
How I caught you
The way I always do

Body bait is most effective
In the early afternoon
At temperatures above 70 degrees
A push-up suit is recommended
But not required; triangles
and string do just as well

I didn’t mind then
Being a body alone
I kissed you back
Thought I’d never
See you again
So why not?

I wasn’t mad that you would
f*** me and marry her
That day at lunch
It actually made sense
She was your friend
I was eye candy, lip candy
But never just friends

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