New Day New Adventures

February 1, 2017

it swarms around me like bees.
Ironically, there was a bee in our presence at the time, it definitely scared me.
As Courtney says, “Aren’t you buzzing with excitement?”
I hiss turning and look around.
Staring up seeing in bold letters ‘Michigan Adventures’ I see the taunting phrase….
‘Come in if you dare’.
I take that challenge and push forward through the crowds.

Once through, I look up,  stunned by all the tall sights to behold.
The Cork Screws’ steel frame shines in the morning sun.
Courtney and I start walking around, searching the other side of the park looking for a distinct roller coaster.
Then, as we turn the corner, i see it…. that red and yellow steel frame.
Its height outmatching ours by yards.

We race towards the base to start our climb to the top.
Courtney starts shaking, rubbing her hands together awkwardly.
I touch her arm and say, “Come on it’ll be great!”
As I can see that she has butterflies in her stomach. 
She glares as if she was an angry bull then keeps on until we reach the summit. 
I rub my hands together,  as I’m filling with eagerness whispering,
“I’m going to ride the Thunder Hawk!”.
I look through the lines and see the other passengers carts,
as they plunge forward through the course.
The line surges forward. Then were at the front.

After that, all of the automatic gates open at the same time letting the wave of people crowd in.
Courtney and I take a seat and pull the bars down above our head and strap in.
The seats click click clicks then, we were off, slowly to start then speed along.
Turning upside down and through loops,
i smile, squeezing my eyes shut as thrill and terror grip me tightly.
I scream as we speed up and go upside down.

I open my eyes when the track levels out and we come to a stop.
I look around to see where waiting for the next round to go, so we can pull in and get off.
I then freeze and whisper,
“Where’s my phone?”
Knowing my mom would kill me if i lost it, I frantically I searched my pockets.
I reassure myself feeling it in one of my back pockets.
The cart then pulls up into the platform and unstraps us.
I shiver getting off and remind myself to never take my phone on a ride again...

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