Blissfully Aware

January 31, 2017

Black birds and blue birds, leaving me blissfully aware of time.

Stars glimmer and shine, with the moon full and golden, leaving the clouds to smear and wind its song. They, the stars, connect, and form a map, showing me knowledge of the sky, I sleep under. Too beautiful.

And I lay there, blissfully aware of time.

The enjoyment of technology, showing me what I seek. And I find myself spending more with itself, than outside. It's sad really, but I am aware.

I'm blissfully occupied, aware of time, and I can't help but laugh. For you see when Life asked Death, himself, why beings hated Death, he proclaimed "You are a beautiful lie, and I am the painful truth."

I cry, of fear and pain, but not always physically, but mentally.
Yet I'm grateful.

Because I'm reminded that I am in a bliss. I am aware of this.

For you see, our hair is our roots, our eyes our skies, the brain the universe, blood is water, skin is earth, our voice the wind, and our hearts the infinite too enormous to comprehend.

I blissfully stand, for I aware of this.

We say time is evil. A poison.

A monster that cannot be stopped, because he's an unseen force.

Yet time, in truth, is an angel sent by God, Himself.

My Father, who thrives in Heaven, has given me, us, clues to the appearance of time.

Now I'm trying not to praise, to throw my hands up to raise, but I know, I'm blissfully aware of time.

How fires roar, oceans and streams run, how the wind sings, the sun wakes, and the moon watching over us.

All of these things, I'm blissfully aware of time.

Call me crazy, but I wish to meet time, to thank him for giving me enough seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Only to simply know that I am blissfully aware of time.

Because black birds and blue birds begin to fly.

Sunny skies set to sundown, yet sooner for sunrise.

Water that waves to wind, winning in beauty.

Everything if full of energy and life.

All thanks to time, leaving me blissfully aware of it.

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