My Future

January 31, 2017

What do I want to do with my future?
I don't know it's ahead of my time
Maybe it’ll be weird like my rhyme
Maybe I'll be a doctor doing sutures
Maybe I’ll make my mom and dad proud
I could be something as cool as my friends
Working dream jobs all week and party all weekend
Maybe lots of money will hit me like a storm cloud
Or I’ll find a dream career
Like a singer, dancer, athlete and auctioneer?
Yeah Why not
Impossible you say, well maybe
I’ll be in a hole, caught
Waiting for someone to save me
Live off of my parents till they drop
Become a bum and realize my life is at a stop
No matter how impossible I’ll achieve anything
As long as I don't give up on everything
All I need is to find the spring
To launch me and fly with my wings
Just because I can You know
If they won’t say yes, I’ll try and get a yes from a no

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