February 10, 2017

At the road of McDonalds
There used to stand an old man named Ronald
He would go to a library five times a day
And read almost every book, in all ways
The man was so much in love with the world of books and peace
That the librarian at night had to throw the man out, not with much ease

One fine evening I saw the happy old man sad
I could feel that something was really bad
When he looked at me he pointed to the fashion shop
Then I realized -
The library had disappeared
And a fashion shop had popped

After some days the old man too, had disappeared
I asked the librarian about the old man, when he appeared
He said to me
“Ronald now stays in a peaceful and beautiful place in the woods”
“Where he has been writing a million books”

At that moment I realized
When the library was there people liked it
And now the fashion shop is there and people love it
Now people hardly care about books
They care more about looks.

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