Promised Land

February 10, 2017

A mystical world made of only the sweetest lies
A gift tied up with a ribbon of deceit
Is it too much to ask to be free for a night
Traveling down a yellow-brick road
Trying to get to an unknown promise land
With only my imagination and the clothes on my back
Turn to the right see a girl burning on a cross
Claiming she’s w witch because of her religion
Praying to her God to safe her fast
Just keep walking, just keep walking
Holding a teddy bear tight to my chest
My mind not able to think quite right
I can’t go back or I’ll be eaten alive
Consumed by the fear and hatred in their eyes
My dreams cannot be contained
My hope cannot be tamed
My thoughts cannot be reigned
I’m the biggest threat to their name
Just keep running, just keep running
I must go to a travel to the Mountain of Melodies
Or I will perish in the War of Words
Covered in cuts and bruises, but invisible to the naked eye
To call to an angel I get down on my knees
Just keep crying, just keep crying
Mother, Father, what do you think
When you see me marked with sign of red
Please hug me and say good bye
I’m the one who chose this life
The road is long and the road is hard

But it’s worth it to be honest to me 

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