February 10, 2017

What does it matter?
“Tomorrow is a new day”
but tomorrow will be cold again.
As if being sad wasn’t a burden
let me tell you, sadness keeps accumulating
and suddenly, it breaks lose, you become a tornado

As if watching someone in flames was easy
Watching them and not knowing if you should approach them
and burn yourself in the process,
or get away

“Tomorrow is a new day”
A new me, a different me
As if being “vulnerable” didn’t also mean being broken
No one approaches you if it’s not to break you a little more,
until you reach a miserable point in which you question if you are enough
Good enough

Getting wounded is inevitable
That’s the beauty of it.
But sometimes, if you are lucky
If you are the luckiest person on the entire planet
You will encounter them
Angelic people, precious moments

Force yourself to keep opening every door
There are people who don’t know how to knock
They wait outside in silence,
and they will love you, your limits, your infinites,
the ongoing war inside of you, your love for the

Once I encountered one of these angelic people
—Are you fleeting?
—Worse: I’m impossible

There are people who are addicted to a certain kind of sadness, they refuse to let go
of the journey, of the scars, of the places where they were once happy
People who walk with a blank stare
People like me.
But then this person comes along
and sees the little details
This person is intrigued by the complicated world inside of you
and sees something worth saving

How precious are these persons
Eternally loving the beauty of the chaotic

I love you,
Remind me just in case by tomorrow I forget.
In case by tomorrow you’re forgotten.

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