For Tomorrow

February 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Why do we try,
to be accepted,
to be like,
we surround ourselves,
with false images,
with frauds,
trying to fill the hole, the hole,
and our chest with Earthly pleasures,
when we know that,
someday we'll all face Oblivion,
someday in our lives,
our world as we know it will end,
our heart will stop,
our life will be gone,
all that we know will be worth nothing,
so why do we try,
Try so hard,
To fill today with pleasurable items,
With joy,
With things that will only last a second,
Why do we try to fill our,
“Purpose” in this worlds,
If our life is only a small blip,
No one will remember us a mission years from now,
We’ll just be another number,
Another face in a never ending line,
Why do we try so hard,
We put our all into this game,
We call life,
Knowing that the game is rigged,
We can never win,
It always ends with game over,
How do we still try,
When time after time,
We fall,
We get pushed down,
Thrown aside,
Life taking it hard on us,
It baffles my mind,
How even though we know,
We’ll come to an end,
At some point,
We still move forward,
We never stop,
We never move backwards,
We always go forward,
Pushing past the disappointments,
Past the failures,
Past the losses,
How do we survive,
We’re all standing on a mind field,
A bomb planted somewhere,
Waiting for us to step on it,
To trigger our deaths,
To enter oblivion,
We all know it’s there,
Following us,
Like a shadow,
An evil shadow,
That if let in,
Will devour you,
Sucking all of the drive,
The drive to thrive in this life,
Out of you,
Once you step into that shadow,
It’s much harder to pull yourself out,
For now I keep the thought at bay,
I keep the shadow in its place,
I am one of the many that have that drive,
I am one of the millions who know why we try,
Why we play the game,
Even though we know we’ll lose,
We play the game,
For tomorrow,
We fight today for tomorrow,
If we give our all today,
We can count on a better tomorrow,
We try,
So that our posterity will have a better future,
We surround ourselves,
With people we loves,
Our friends,
Our family,
We gat back up again,
For them,
For tomorrow,
Even though we don’t know what tomorrow,
Has for us,
We can change today to influence tomorrow,
We know that we have one life,
One life to make a change
We have a chance,
A chance to make a our world better,
To make tomorrow better,
WE fight today,
We put our heart, mind, and soul,
Into today,
So that tomorrow will be even better,
You see,
We try,
We try,
For tomorrow,
We know we don’t have eternity,
We only have one chance,
So how will you use your life,
Will you let the shadow,
Take over,
Overcome your walls,
And take you down,
Or will you stand your ground,
Put your all into your shot,
And make a difference,
Make a change today,
For tomorrow.

The author's comments:

You have one chance to make a change. How will you use it?

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