The Light

February 10, 2017
By , San Marcos, CA
The Light,
The beautiful warmth,
Of the Light,
How its warm golden rays,
Chase out the darkness,
Chase out all the pain and the suffering,
The fear and depression,
How it just chases out all the,
Oh, I just love the Light,
I love how it strikes me,
Straight down to the core,
Filling me with wonderous ideas,
Ideas of success,
Ideas of a life with no pain,
No suffering,
No troubles,
The Light,
It fills the empty void,
That dark cavern that sits in my chest,
That huddles there spreading the cold,
The Light,
It takes the emptiness,
And replaces it with,
Hope and faith,
And strength and joy,
The Light,
It just does something,
So amazing, it’s indescribable,
The Light is my life,
My soul, my everything,
I crave the Light,
I crave it so much,
Day and night,
Night and day,
That I’ve forgotten what it feels like,
To live and life in darkness,

The dimming,
The slow dimming of the Light,
The rays that I once danced with,
In total harmony,
Going out of tune,
The Light,
My friend, my comforter, my creator, my everything,
Leaving my soul,
I reach out,
Stretch out my hand,
Grabbing at the Light,
But only catching darkness,
The dimming is bad,
I feel the change,
The darkness,
And the shadows,
The pain and the fear,
Creeping back on me,
I feel the pain of my past,
The pain of failures,
Slowly seeping back into my bones,
The darkness I had chased out,
Returning to haunt me,
To taunt me,
To make me feel regret,
And sorrow,
Bringing back the memories,
The things I had tucked away,
The things I had tried to erase from my mind,
To erase from the world,
To erase from existence,
Still they come,
Relapse, upon relapse,
The things despised,
Flashing behind my eyelids,
The things I hated,
Facing me every corner I turned,
I was standing in a room full of mirrors,
Every way I turned,
Every place I looked,
All I saw was a disappointment,
And failure,
All I saw was me,
I saw the person I was without the Light,
I saw a monster,
A monster hiding under one’s bed,
Waiting for the right time,
For the perfect time to lash out,
To pull you into the darkness with me,
So that everyone can feel my pain,
And drown in my misery,
So that I won’t be alone in this dark pit,
Where words have no meaning,
Where every I love you,
Is a lie,
Where every, Are you ok?
Means nothing,
Where every, I will be with you forever,
Is an empty promise,

The world looks so dark,
When the Light turns its back,
It look likes a void,
An endless pit of pain and misery,
Of fear and sorrow,
A world without the Light,
Is a world without happiness,
I may laugh in the darkness,
But it is only to get through the tears,
I may smile,
But it’s only to hid the pain,
The Light,
Is what I need,
What the world needs,
What we all need,

I can see the Light,
Just over the horizon,
But it does not come,
It only grows dimmer,
Being chased away,
Leaving because of the darkness,
The Light,
Now gone,
Gone for now,
Will it come back,
I do not know,
For now I sit in the darkness,
In the shadows,
In the cold,
Awaiting for the day,
When the light,
Fills the void,
The hole in my chest,
That can only be filled by the Light,
For now I have the darkness,
But it offers no warmth,
It offers no comfort,
Only fear and cold,
I will live this time in the darkness,
Looking up at the sky,
Knowing that it will come back,
As it is said,
We are all living in the gutters, but some of us are looking up at the stars,
For now I await,
I await,
The return of,
The Light.

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