February 10, 2017
By Anonymous

My world broken,
In a million pieces,
The shards that I hold in my hand,
That cut into my palms,
Making the blood of my soul,
Pour out of me,
The essence of me,
The part that makes me,
Who I am gone,
Now broken,
Broken in a million pieces,
I’ve been beaten,
Pushed beyond my limits,
Only to trip at the finish line,
To stumble and fall,
And once you’ve fallen it’s hard to get back up again I can tell you that,
I’m afraid,
Afraid to stand up on my feet,
For fear of falling,
I fear that if I stand up again,
I’ll trip over my worries,
And land flat on my back,
My fears sitting on my chest,
Choking the life out of me,
I fear that if I get back up again,
I’ll be knocked down,
Thrown back into the ashes,
From where my life burned,
And no one will be there,
No one will be there to help me,
To help me clean the dirt off my hands,
And put bandaids on my cuts,
I’ll be alone,
Alone and afraid,
In this world with no mercy,
Where words are used as a weapon,
To strike down and kill,
Yet still in all this carnage,
We utter the words,
I’m sorry,
But I’m sorry just won’t cut it,
Not this time,
After you’ve beaten me down,
And crushed my soul,
Shattering my life into,
A million pieces,
I’m tired,
I’m tired of standing,
Of standing still waiting for you to come,
To come and crush me,
To come and shatter me,
I’m tired of fighting you,
The countless hours I spent,
Fighting you face to face,
When in reality you were always behind me,
I used to be afraid,
Afraid of you,
Afraid of what you could do to me,
But then it clicked,
It clicked in my mind,
I didn’t have to be afraid of you,
Afraid of when you would come to shatter me,
To crumble me from the inside out,
Because everyday,
I stare you, Fear, face to face,
And say, come at me, come at me for,
Fear cannot touch me,
Fear cannot hurt me,
Not anymore,
So come at me,
Attack me with your words,
Strike me down with your lies,
Shatter my life,
Into a million pieces,
I don’t care, not anymore,
Every time you shatter me,
Strike me down,
I know that it won’t matter,
I’ll pick up those pieces,
Those little shards that i hole in my hand,
That cut into my palms,
Making all of the pain, all the hurt, all the fear,
POUR out of me,
I’ll take those pieces,
I’ll take those parts that make me,
Who I am,
And build,
I’ll build my life back up,
Piece, by piece, by piece, by piece,
Taking each colorful piece,
Each unique part of me,
And cherish it,
Knowing that those are that things,
That make me strong,
That make me brave,
That make me unique,
That make me the person I am,
I know that if you shatter my life,
And break it into pieces,
I can take them up in my hands,
And make them into something more beautiful than before,
I’ll take those pieces,
Those little shards that look,
Impossible to assemble,
To rebuild back into their original state,
I’ll take those little pieces,
And make them into a beautiful,
I’ll build them back,
I’ll build them in a way that shows the inside of me,
So come,
Come and shatter my life,
Into a million pieces,
I’m ready.

The author's comments:

Even when you get pushed down, just know that you can always rise back up again. No one can stop you from doing that only you can.

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