Free Spirit

February 9, 2017
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Born in the moon of Cancer, the sun of Pisces, I was destined to obtain such a sensitive manner, growing up my mind was a canvas of abstract; playmates with my shadow, one with earthly creatures, absorbing nature in it’s most vulnerable state, the sun silhouetted my small frame and delicate mind, with each smile I flashed subconsciously, sun rays flowed from the tight crevices between my teeth creating an aura of white light; eliminating darkness from view, sunsets passed, and under the glow of the moon; stars grasped my mother and ripped her from my presence for her soul was too bright for such a world of dim, blindness from the sun prevented any sorrow from entering through vision to the innocence of my mind, each day that passed, the once illuminating glow was now fading; blindness, in other words ignorance, was evaporating as if it were never there, hoping to escape thorn brushes that came along with realization, I ran, with each stride another thorn pierced into my scarred skin, I ran, lost with no direction, no sense of intuition, I ran, my eyes fell dead on the black hole down the path bushes, I ran, why I didn’t stop I’ll never know- I fell, down I went; it almost felt as if I were flying, as if I were a dove gliding over a sea of cotton candy clouds, as if I forgot once bottom arrived I would be overwhelmed with pain, when my torn body struck the damp soil, oceans flowed from my blue eyes and I was drowning in my own sorrow, the hole I was anchored to was now a pond of tears flourishing with lack of hope, there I was; sitting, gushing, drowning, eroding with each day I sat, suddenly, a man settled in the moon launched his fishing line down into my pool of self pity, the hooked attached to my wearing-away shirt and up I went, as the surface broke, I was flung on to a dirt path and left in an unfamiliar civilization to fend for myself, naturally; I got up and began walking, dust kicked behind me and peoples were flung into my tattered shoes, as my feet began to tire, my patience grew slim and my frustrated grew strong, I had no idea where I was going, what I was doing- I looked back to see flames, making it impossible to turn around, impossible to go back, not knowing whether to continue down this never ending path: I sat, I closed my eyes and drew my attention to my being, the glowing sun was beating on my tear stained face, a sensation I once felt as a child - only stronger, the rays surrounded me in a warm embraced and I overwhelmed with a feeling of - peace, the wind grabbed my hand, I was pulled up, higher; my feet no longer a burden to the ground, I was met in the sky by the smiling sun, Solis, and there I was; flying, like a dove gliding above cotton candy clouds, finally, I was free

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