Stop Suicide

February 13, 2017
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(The story of Betty)
the mean girls at school,
call me a w**** now,
I slept with a guy for money,
so I could go buy my mom a birthday present…..

(The story of Frank)
the jerks at school call me a loser because I wear long sleeves even in the summer,
but what they don’t know is,
my arms all contain the scars from where I cut everyday….

(The story of Sally)
the girls all think it’s hilarious how I got pregnant,
they all say “how could a loser like Sally attract anyone” “Maybe the guy was drunk?”
what they don’t know is I got raped,
but I’m too ashamed to say a word,
so I will raise her baby as a single mother,
getting bullied everyday,
when I didn’t even make one mistake

In the matter of one year Betty, Frank, and Sally all killed themselves. They were all in high school. This is a fictional poem, but it covers real life issues. One million people commit suicide every year due to bullying. Lets change that number to zero.

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