The Doctor

February 8, 2017
By , South Plainfield, NJ

A doctor came along with us
He hates walking and threw a fuss
He's as skinny and frail as a flower
Seeing someone larger makes him cower

He wore a suit and watch made of gold
With all his fancy clothes he was not very bold
When it came too his work he was brilliant
Even against diseases that were resilient

He had a voice that was very quiet
You would never see him in a riot
He had a strange obsession with cars
No doubt you'd see that in his memoir

He was a man with simple pleasures but had one fault
Long age he had committed sexual assault
He had never been close to being caught
The women no doubt wants to see him rot

The women had finally won the case
The doctor's lawyer was not even on pace
She was then happy and set free
The doctor felt he has been kicked in the knee

His successful past was broken by one mistake
When he always thinks about it it would give him a headache
He promised to change and never do bad anymore
Because all he ever felt from this was soar

He was able to recover and get back on track
It had looked like he has been to hell and back
He was going to start a new life when he gets out
When he was released all he did in joy was scream and shout

In the end he served his time
He survived with an old nursery rhyme
He never thought about what else he can be
Although he is living in a mansion by the sea

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