February 8, 2017

I stare
Her beautiful face
Her beautiful voice
Her beautiful mind
I can’t keep myself from admiring her
She’s not just a pretty face
She’s not just a popular
She’s not just an athlete
She may be those things
But she has more to offer
That sparkle in her eyes
That mind filled with thoughts
That mouth, out which smooth and beautiful words flow
I catch myself
I can’t
I can’t do this to her
I can’t do this to myself
She doesn’t like me
She will never like me
And I will forever be lost in her eyes
I will forever remember my high school days
I will forever remember how much my heart broke when I saw her and her boyfriend
She’s so much more than her appearance, but I could never get close enough to dig deeper
I saw all that she was willing to show
I saw all that she tried to hide
Her gorgeous mind
Her true intentions
I saw herself like no one else
But she never sees me
Sure she caught me staring
But she will never see my adoration of her
She will never see me pass by her in the halls
She will never see how I tried to impress her with my humor and brains
She will never see how I looked at her
She will never see my poems and stories about her
She will never hear how I speak of her and her beauty
The beauty that radiates off her even in her sweat pants and tshirts
She will never hear just how much I have fallen for her
She will never hear the words I wish I could saw to her
She will never see me stuck in that hole of love she put me in
She will never help me out of it
And she will never fall into it with me

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