February 8, 2017
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Cruising through town
Engines roar like echoing lions
Slight revs turns heads
And the bright red attracts the eyes of the ones who wait
And the bright red paint attracts the eyes of the badge that hunts us

A friend's a friend
But a race is a race
All the blood sweat and tears
Coming together for power with no fear
Finally it's time to show what we got

The night is upon us
And the open road awaits
Speed like a rocket to the moon
We line up for the battle

As the horn gets pressed three times
On 3 we take off faster than a rodent from an eagle
Shifting gears as hard as we can
When we come to the finish there was no winner
It was the pride and joy that kept us side by side

Although there was a frightening sight in the rearview mirror
Flashing lights of the American flag
And one loud siren that haunted all racers
“They think they can stop us, like they have a chance, we move at the speed of light and leave them in our dust”

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