February 7, 2017
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High above the mountain top,
far below the ocean’s tide.
Deep down in the crevice of the Earth.
Much taller than any girth,
lies something mysterious.

It feeds on mankind,
and walks the barren, desolate planet.
More real than the molecules of granite.
It cannot be conquered; it cannot be seen.
For only the merciful eye of fate,
has such good fortune to even glance a view.

It is not magnanimous nor terribly cruel.
Only the harsh misgivings of reality.
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For kings who think their power strong.
Soon they crumble at its feet.
Their washing rubble plunders into the raging sea.

Do not to stand ponder whether it is of God’s own decree.
For it is just a servant in the grand place of existence.
And we humans are only clouded by our belligerence.
We blame it on countless of other things that do not pertain to such matters.

Closer, I implore.
Is it not excitement that you wish for?

Do not mistake it for something evil.
It is fueled by the burning of the sun
and the pale light beams radiating from the moon.
It has its duty and it must be done.
Let the executioner chop off their heads.
For they will be accompanied
by the lost entities of the dead.
Where they rejoice in the hospitality of heaven.
And sing of old songs.
From their days long ago,
and how it was so long ago.
Now doth be questioning.
What could do such a thing?
It lives and breaths and is
the reason for our demise.
It gives false truths and terrible lies.

But you know what it is.
It rings in your head.
Knocks on your doors,
and rises up from the dust of your floors.
While the mermaids chant
and melodically burst into song.
It rings a bell that you knew all along.

From the rough ragged shores.
To the smooth polished plateaus.
The answer lies.
And it always comes back.
Returning to haunt.
Like the ghosts that they so very are.

I shall give the answer.
A sweet lullaby.
Let it fly like a majestic white spotted butterfly.

In the vast desert sands,
Amongst your very homes,
Far from destiny’s condescending hands.

Look in the mirror
and you shall see.
Through its transparent reflection it’s always been hiding.
A streak of black light in a starless night.
So weak and frail.

Look in the mirror
Heed my wisdom.
And you shall not fail.
Discover the mystery,
and kings, leaders, and warriors
will put you down in the book of history.

Do not look to the horizon.
For it fools most men.
Look in the mirror once more I do implore.
Find the key,
and you shall see.

Do not make such a fuss.
The answer my friend,
has always been US.

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