Never Enough

February 7, 2017
By Kyle_Kelly BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kyle_Kelly BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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You say no one loves you and that you're all alone,
Meanwhile you have a full loving family at home.

Your mom your dad and your siblings too
All give you enough love but that's not good enough for you
Your mom cooks you dinner and your dad folds your clothes
And here you are fixated on the fact that you have nobody to love you

You’re too young to realize and too ignorant to see that what is not enough for you would be everything to me
It’s hard to live without the people who are always supposed to be there for you
How I wish to see my father smile or hear my mother's laugh
Their absence burns an everlasting hole in my heart that simply cannot be mended

In your life it’s all background noise that's unnoticed and pushed aside
All because you’re too caught up in everything you don’t have, whereas I just wanted to say goodbye
You wonder why you don't have a boyfriend or why he doesn't love you,
When I wonder where my father is and why he doesn't love me.

You forget that you're not alone and that you have everything you need to live
You forget that a Valentine's day lonely is nothing in comparison to Fathers day spent sitting by yourself
Tomorrow none of it will matter and you'll continue on with your life.
Because you never realize the struggles of another and you're oblivious to those who can't make it through the night

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