The Deal

February 7, 2017

I feel the crushing weight around me
The black dirt coarsely caresses my skin
The gravel scrapes the flesh off my fingertips
The ice cold blood seeps through

Why am I here I ask myself
I didn't ask for this
I did everything right
For the one I called mine

Six feet away I lay
From the world I knew
So much has changed since that day.
The day I met you.

You did the impossible
Set me free of my chains
Forged by my self-preservation
You saw the best in me

Alas,  I could not do the same
The better you made me
The worse you became
And the was nothing I could do

About to lose you, my options fade
I do the unimaginable
I offer my soul, yours for mine.
Trade places for eternity

I Now stand in front of the devil
He smiles at me, looks me in the eyes
Darkness radiates around him. 
So much pain and suffering

He calls me forth in a deep voice
Boy,  come closer to me.
I want to see who dares deal.
Trading places for another

As I stare into his eternal abyss,
I see remnants of tortured souls,
All alone,  never to be loved.
For all eternity they will remain. 

In a softer voice,  he asks one thing.
Why would you trade your soul for hers?
I hesitate for a moment.
And then,  like a dream,  it hits me. 

I offered my soul because of love. 
Because when I was at my worst,  she was there. 
In my darkest hour,  she saw the light. 
She gave me hope when I had none.

She changed who I had become. 
Someone dead inside,  someone with no love. 
And I changed into someone who cared. 
Someone who understood sacrifice. 

When I needed her the most,  she was there. 
And now she needs me more then ever. 
I have nothing left to give,
Save this wretched soul. 

He stared at me intently,
After a long solemn silence,  he spoke. 
She's yours.  Keep your soul.
I see no selfishness in you. 

But be warned,  if she travels here again,
I will not let her go. 
She will be mine for all eternity. 
To never be reached again. 

He snaps his fingers and she appears.
I see her for the first time in forever
Tears of joy fill my eyes
I grasp her and hold her close. 

The dark fades as the Fallen sends us away,
Back to the world we came from. 
I awake on grass,  next to her.  .
Finally,  peace at last.

I brush my fingers across her face, 
I smile as we make eye contact.
I promise her I'm here to stay,
Never to leave her alone.

To be there when she needs me, 
For all of time and space. 
I will be there.  No matter what.
If I fail,  he will take her forever. 
I tell her three simple words.
I love you

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