The Heavens Are Just Like Us

February 7, 2017
Why must the sun call the moon ugly?
Why must the moon turn it's back on the stars?
Why must the Earth be ignored by the heavens?

Is it because they are all different,
or all heavenly and all consumed in their selves?
Or is it because they are all an extended family of fire water air & earth?
If this is true this family could not mix,
how could they?

To be together to be loved would mean to burn to flood to hurt,
and we all know the heavens are just as selfish as us.

But this is not their fault,
it is because they too are a combination of a heaven and hell,
hell fire and holy water.
Its like they were born from a holy mother and drunk father.
They too we're taught pain,silence, love, heartache and peace.

By their mother they we're brought up to be exquisite, to be kind to love,
to be oceans above,
however the earthquakes and volcanoes under their crust,
that comes from their father.

So maybe,
that's why the sun called the moon ugly,
why the moon turns its back on the stars,
why the earth is ignored by the heavens,
because that is what they we're taught from birth.

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