Leave the ashes behind

February 7, 2017
By turtle. SILVER, Wattpad,, Other
turtle. SILVER, Wattpad,, Other
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I memorized every imperfection on your face,
And every perfection of your heart,
So sadly, as I remember the last time,
I made you fall apart,
And I'm so sorry my dear,
But you are the star,
And I'm grounded with the fallen leaves,
Staring up above,
Watching you shine,
Making me blind,
You were never mine,
What a silly time,
For me to try,
Holding down a star,
So, sometimes I wonder where was my mind,
As I held your name on the top of my lungs,
Mixed with smoke,
And your hair lingered on the top of my palms,
As your fingertips burned in flames,
Leaving the ashes behind,
And you painted, painted, and painted,
Eternity on my skin with the stardust.

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