February 7, 2017
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It was at the age of nine
When I promised my parents
That I would never do drugs.
I’m sorry to say
That the promise was broken.
The first time I got that high
It was on your smile
And the way that you
Laugh with a sense of nerves,
As if you are scared to show it off.
Seeing the glow of your face
Gives me the highest of highs.
You see loves gives the best buzz
But the worst of hangovers.
My vision got blurry
And it’s like everything's in slow motion.
When you’re not around
I have withdrawls
Like a sense of urgency
Is building itself inside of me.
I need your medication,
Your street essence,
Giving me the dripping needle.
I flick the needle,
And you’re here again.
Your love shooting up my veins
Like you never truly left
When you left the last time
So did my addiction
I tried to find
Another lover
To fulfill the empty hole that you left.
I was a 20 story building
And you were the wrecking ball.
Your medicine was no good for me
And your goal was to
Make me feel invincible.
Until you decided that
It was time for me to come crashing down.
I got home from the wreckage
And every gift that I gave to you
Was laid on my bed.
You might think that
The products that you once held
Would take me back
And make me resume
But now the only thing
That I get high on is the
Fumes of your perfume.
So I’m sorry
Mom and dad
For putting you
Through so much pain.
I am no longer
Wrapped in chains with jane,
Or with the liquid strain in my veins,
I waned off the cocaine.
I’m looking outside the windowpane
Wondering why
I broke our promise.
I was just going insane.

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