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February 6, 2017
By kujomattie SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
kujomattie SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
“Do not go gentle into that good night”

I’m from the Lone Star State.
Sledding down hills with cooking pans,
flying down sand dunes with spinning saucers.

From a Keep Austin Weird tie dye,
a gracious “howdy y’all”
and sweat gripping my skin as I chased the ice cream truck.

I’m from building Legos instead of playing with Barbies.
My mom wondering if I’ll ever grow out of my tomboy phase
and a thrill-seeking mind set on kickflips, Call of Duty, and ghost in the graveyard.

From holes in my mismatched socks,
a black eye covered by the petals I threw
and choppy bangs accompanied by dirt brown eyes giving a face to Kujo.

I’m from proving myself on the field, the court, and the diamond.
“CAN’T is not allowed”
and believing I CAN conquer the world with a strong mind and gentle hands.

From seaweed hiding the fishes that nibbled at my feet,
the focus as a wave crashed against the tube I so dearly held onto
and the smell of smoke from the fire as it wrapped around my body.

I’m from home videos with banana milkshakes,
twinkling lights followed by a layer of snow to hold the troubles in
and aggression by the seemingly kind.

From my brother attempting to follow the road MOST traveled by,
choked back tears by blindsided change
and the innocence withheld the glimmer of my nephew’s eyes. 

I’m from forced enlightenment.
The Vanderbilts: Local Misfits
and late night adventures under the moonlight and into each other's minds.

From losing myself on the golf course,
“Don’t go gentle into that good night”
and a lasting curiosity for the wonders this life holds.

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