Red is My Wagon

February 6, 2017
By quillwriting GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
quillwriting GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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Red is my wagon.
Beautiful and shiny and hopeful. A whole world of endless adventure, only a empty pavement road away. My wagon flies through the street, racing away from all my fears. I´m invincible on my wagon. Unstoppable and all-powerful. The wind crashing on my face, like waves hugging a beach shore. It feels like it will never stop climbing to new speeds, endless highway of youth. The gateway ticket to a world of happiness and sunshine. A joyride cruising on the street, nothing in sight except fun times desperately waiting to be had.
Red is my wagon.
Red is my childhood.
What's yours?

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by hearing people making fun of poetry, using lines like "Red is like the sun...Blue is like the sky..." This piece, Red is My Wagon, is a combat to the ideal that good poetry has to be complex and symbolic. It is not the contents of the poem, it's what the reader takes away from the piece.

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