Stargazing in your eyes

February 6, 2017
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Let me stargaze in your eyes just awhile longer.
Let's protect this moment from fading away,
And I promise you the better me tomorrow,
When you sit awake,
On your bedroom floor,
Drinking that black coffee, that match perfectly with the color of my soul.

My heart barely moved in my chest,
Until I felt your lips against mine,
And in that moment you have been closest to the stars,
That I'll ever touch,
So I knew that I'll love you silently, that's the way I'm,
And I'll lose you tragically, in the blink of an eye,
When the realization hits you, that I am not enough for you,
To dream about tonight.

And remember that every time I kissed your lips,
I did it as it will be the last time,
And when I held you,
Each time felt closer to you,
In the depth of my heart I felt like I was losing you,
Whenever I held you just a little bit closer.

I burned in flames from your touch, but you noticed my cold palms. 

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